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education is the key to life. >> i want them to go to school. >> it's a challenge in a city where 60% of public schoolchildren are not learning at grade level. >> it's one of the worst school systems in the state. how many generations of children do you disserve before you say, "let's try something different." lionel rainey is pushing for a different plan for better schools. by breaking away from baton rouge, and starting a new city. the city of st george would encompass an unincorporated area home to a fifth of the residents, it would control and run schools with its own tax residence. >> it's not about starting a city, it's about education. >> it's about 100% total about education. we came into this saying we want to take accountability for the schools in our area >> critics say st george would take more than accountability. the break-up could cost the city at large $53 million - 20% of its budget and would segregate the city. baton rouge is majority black. st george would be a majority white at a 3:1 ratio. >> now we would have white kids going to school over here on this end of t
a judge. these are daly city. >> reporter:uwakah arranged online, to sell a playstation 4 in the bayview district of san francisco on sunday. police say, collins took the console and then shot and killed uwakah. >> pam: kron 4 news has learned, collins has a criminal background in san francisco. which includes trespassing and causing a false fire >> pam: right now, collins is being held without bail on murder and attempted robbery charges. his arraignment is tomorrow afternoon. >> pam: a host on h-g-t-v has been killed in a motorcyclebill beckwith. co- host of 'curb appeal'. was killed lower haight. >> pam: police say, beckwith was hit by a car near oak and the driver is cooperating with investigators. beckwith ran "b-b design build" in san francisco. and was a woodworker specializing in cabinets and decks. >> pam: friends remember him as adventurous and kind. >> reporter: developing tonight! >> reporter:the search for a missing san jose man and four others plane has been called off for the night in central idaho. >> reporter:dale smith is an experienced pilot and the co-founder and ceo
and then it's all of the bay area minus the city of san francisco tomorrow. not many exceptions to that rule. the rule will be sub freezing temperatures. these are your lows for tonight. santa rosa, down to 28. calstoga, 29. and sunny vail down to 35 degrees. this is just the beginning. the cold front just arrived. this will last a while. we'll talk about how long the cold air will stick around and how low the snow level is going to go. some spots may see some snow coming up. we'll talk about where and when coming up. >> thank you, paul. a bit of a scare tonight for a fremont family. they were at home when some live wires came down outside nearly setting their house on fire. it happened a little after 7:00 on lauren drive. the homeowner told us she never called 911 until tonight. >> we have vines on the side of our fence. it caught on fire. we were just inside and the lights went out and then we started smelling smoke inside. so we went to go check outside and we saw the flames on the side of our house. >> firefighters kept the flames from spreading. all that was damaged was the fence. pg
pourous, open border, could be used with a stick of dynamite to set off a dirty bomb in major city. >> there are special sensors along the southern border with mexico to detect radio active material that may be potentially trying to be smuggled into the country. >> thank you, casey. >> we're getting more information on the killing of an american in benghazi. somebody shot and killed man from texas while he was on a jog. pentagon sources are saying the man was a teacher at benghazi's international school. that school confirmed he was a chemistry teacher there. he was 33 years old. usual officials long warned the city is dangerous for westerners. nobody is taking responsibility for the killing. a libyan official says it happened near the u.s. outpost, the side of the terror attack last year which left four americans dead, including our ambassador, christ city phoenix. >>> one child died and four others hurt after a dump truck crashed into a school bus in idaho. a sheriff spokeswoman there says as many as ten kids were on the bus, all of them sixth graders or younger. the says they we
but investigators on the scene found no such evidence. he is suing him and the city of concord for wrongful arrest and excessive force, which are federal civil rights violations. concord city attorney mark coon told me he doesn't comment on pending litigation but the city will defend a lawsuit. joe vasquez kpix 5. >>> a popular cable tv host bill was killed in a motorcycle crash in san francisco. he cohosted the show curb appeal on hdtv. a car struck and killed him last night as he rhode through the lower. you can still see evidence from the crash near oak and stiener. it's not clear who was at fault. police say the driver of the car is cooperating. beckwith was 38 years old. >>> new clue tonight in the search for that missing san jose pilot and his family. betty yu says the crews have a much better idea of where that plane went down. >> the smiths are a tight-knit mormon family. after spending thanksgiving weekend in oregon, silicon valley xhektive dale smith left for montana. his son daniel and his son's wife, his daughter amber and her fiance were in his beach bonanza similar to the one picture
in 100 cities across the country, from new york city to new orleans, to oakland, trying to pressure employers into paying a livable wage of $15 an hour. now they've got a powerful ally on their side, president obama. >> we know that we're going to have a greater and greater portion of our people in the service sector and we know that there are airport workers and fast food workers and nurse assistants and retail sales people who work their tails off and are still living at or barely above poverty. that's why it's well past the time to raise a minimum wage. >> but the message being pushed by the president and protesters doesn't sit well with some corporate executives. this is a dire prediction for 15 bucks an hour from an executive at white castle. >> there are groups out there that are asking and pleading to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour and to more than double the federally mandated started wage wouldn't be bad for white castle, it would be catastrophic. 406 restaurants and what we know is that would result in closing more than 200 of those restaurants and the ones remaini
cities. we'll have the latest on the movement to raise the minimum wage. >>> and going below zero. an arctic blast threatening 32 million people. now an ice storm is threatening major power outages. we'll have the very latest. >>> plus, news just in. there's been some progress getting more than 40 stranded whales to safer waters off the coast of florida. one of the major issues is that whales are social creatures, reluctant to leave sick or dead members of their group behind. animal extert and tv host jack hanna will join us. you can join the conversation on twitter. i'm at @tamronhall. my team @newsnation. to help secure retirements and protect financial futures. to help communities recover and rebuild. for companies going from garage to global. on the ground, in the air, even into space. we repaid every dollar america lent us. and gave america back a profit. we're here to keep our promises. to help you realize a better tomorrow. from the families of aig, happy holidays. so i deserve a small business credit card with amazing rewards. with the spark cash card from capital one, i g
from houston to kansas city, from chicago to indianapolis, memphis to charlotte, pittsburgh to boston and on over to new york city. fast-food workers in 100 cities across the country are walking off the job today to demand higher wages. right now the median hourly wage for fast-food workers nationwide is $8.94 an hour. that is about $18,000 a year, which is just above the federal poverty level for a family of three. the goal of today's strike is simple. workers want to earn a living wage of $15 an hour, a wage that would allow them to raise their families without having to live in poverty. their employers, mcdonald's, burger king, taco bell and wendy's have seen soaring profits while workers have seen little to no gain in years. last year mcdonald's brought in $5.5 billion in profits, a 27% increase over five years. its ceo makes $13.8 million a year, a 234% pay increase from the previous year. comparatively over a period of nearly 15 years, fast-food workers only saw their wages increase by $0.10 an hour. today the disparity between worker and ceo is so high it would take 9
city 42 degrees. chicago at 50. napa you are colder than both of those locations at 39 degrees. all of this is getting set off by a huge dome of polar air that's moving across the west. i think it's going to stay here for the next 36 hours across the bay area. walnut creek, 36. napa, 39. down towards san jose. chilly for your standards at 34. with those temperatures in place, we will get into the 20s for tomorrow morning. the worst of the weather for tomorrow when it comes to the chill will be in the north bay. all of our coat counties are u the freeze warning. still not too late to take those bet pets inside. you can throw a sheet over the plants. we'll tell you who goes down to 27 degrees by 6:00 a.m. >> it is chilly. >>> temperatures are low. which means profits are high. that's the business plan for dozens of bay area ski and snowboard shops. and everyone else looking to buy warmer clothes. >> they're very excited. they've had a lot of enthusiasm. pent up enthusiasm. they want to get the equipment and head up and have a great time. they want the latest and greatest. >> retailer
with pay even as more officers leave the force. >>> up first a bay area city considering tough new rules for e-cigarettes. why some say they're just as dangerous as the real thing. [woman] you wrapped the... [man] it's nothing but tape... [woman] it's a block. we're havin' a baby! [laughter in background] [woman screams] are we havin' a baby? [ambient crying and laughter] >>> tonight the city of richmond is considering expanding its cigarette ban to include electronic cigarettes. some say they're a safer alternative but derek valcourt tells us, it's becoming a habit. >> reporter: some say this makes it safer. >> nicotine however it's delivered is a very dangerous drug and we need to step up to the plate. >> we're trying very hard to being a healthy city. part of being a healthy city is sending the message that it's not okay. >> reporter: the cdc says last year nearly 2 million middle and high school students nationwide had tried e cigarettes. double the number in 2011. e-cigarettes contain in this -- contain nicotine which is no difference. >> the basic idea is regardless of how you get
station in fremont. 39 degrees. it seems like the coldest part of any city is right up on the bart platform where you're standing out there for a couple of minutes getting cold from the wind. we have some video of people getting ready for the cold weather. we have been talking about this for a couple of days now. definitely people coping with hats and gloves and scarves. hot coffee and exercise believe it or not. christmas is just 22 days away and this coldest day of the year so far people just love it. >> when you're blowing and everything and moving around i'm ready to take this off actually. >> i'm bundling up and getting close to my hubby here to keep me warm, so -- [ laughter ] >> reporter: so 29 degrees in santa rosa this morning. 39 degrees here in fremont. i feel kind of lucky. but as you heard from lawrence, it is going to get colder tomorrow. live in fremont, kiet do, kpix 5. >>> you can warm up once you get in your car and here's a live look at traffic conditions right now. we have a sneak peek a little glimpse at traffic through berkeley heading out of albany. close to
. in denver and the cold air is coming down in oklahoma city. from 9 in denver for the high to 80 in dallas love field. this cold air is sinking out of canada all the way to the gulf coast. the problem is the gulf coast said it's still fall and it tries to send up moisture and humidity over the top of this cold air. we will get an ice storm throughout central part of the plains where it will be 30 degrees and raining. we say how are you going to do that? it will be 50 degrees aloft or 40 up in the sky. 5,000 feet. it's going to rain, but rain where it's 30. 31, 32 degrees. a little bit of snow in oklahoma city. this is not a snow maker. this is an ice machine for memphis and little rock and evansville. st. louis some snow, but the story is this ice sticking to everything. trees and power lines and millions of people will be without power. when it gets to new york into the east coast, it runs out of moisture. that's some good news. we won't put down the power lines. the central part of the country is in for it. this will get ugly fast. kids will be stuck at school if we don't watch. by tomor
morning, kayla. >> good morning, richard. fast food restaurant workers in 100 cities across the country are planning walkouts, strikes, and protests today. it's part of a push for a higher minimum wage. protesters will be calling for a $15 wage, which is more than double the current federal wage of $7.25. private sector job growth came in higher than expected at 215,000 jobs added in november, but more good economic news today could be bad news for stocks, which are on a four-day slide on fears it of the fed pulling back on its stimulus. and car service app uber is teaming up with home depot to deliver christmas trees on demand all day today in ten major cities. for $135, uber will deliver a tree and a stand right to your door as well as a surprise christmas gift from the company. little holiday spirit goes a long way. richard, back to you. >> definitely does. we can sit in our home and enjoy the holiday. >>> sports headlines are just ahead, including an nba game that went up in smoke. and only the smootest will survive. jimmy kimmel hosts a dance-off with detroit's finest fans. you got
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's a search for the truth. we did so in this case. our city has two universities, major universities here. and we have dealt with athletes on prior occasions, and made decisions at some time to prosecutor them if the facts merited it. we have carefully examines all of the evidence in this case and have concluded that no charges will be filed against anyone in this case. >> there you have it. that is the headline. i want to talk about this with a number of people at the top of the show. we have cnn's legal analyst and former prosecutor sunny hostin, prosecuted many a rape case, and also former falcons player jamaal anderson, and cnn's martin savidge. big news for folks in tallahass tallahassee. martin, let me begin with you because this percolated. this was a drip, drip slowly. a lot of questions over why this happened and why it took -- we're two days shy of a year to finding out what his feat would be. >> december 7th, 2012, is when this young lady called authorities to report what she said was a rape. yet, why is it here it is now almost a year later when we get the results, which is on
. santa rosa currently is below. low 40's for daly city. satellite and radar shows really not too much but cool air has filtered in. we also saw smoke yesterday. we may see a another opportunity as roundup of the work week. o there will be here to stay for the next couple of days. it is not as surprised as we have a freeze watch in effect until thursday. san francisco has temperatures that will be in the 40's. the ballet's will get down right frigid for the next couple of mornings. here's a look at future cast 4. >> by noon most of us will be in the 40's and we may see a few 50's pop up for the afternoon. this will be for places like san francisco and oakland. by 8:00 p.m. tonight the temperatures will drop back down to the 30's and 40's pretty cool conditions for the next 24 hours a closer look picture highs, oakland will have a high of 50. 494 concord. low 50's for san jose and sunnyvale. vallejo will have a high of 51. >> the 7 day from the bay highlights colder conditions for tomorrow and i would not be surprised if we see plenty of mid-20s. the rain will be back into the forecast
invasive topic, space aliens. >> is there life out there? what do they think about new york city? >> reporter: congress has passed 56 bills in 2013 in the past 66 years only three other times that congress has passed less than 100 bills in a single year. many of the bills this congress passed were simply extensions of older laws that were set to expire. hope appears to be dwindling for the small deal between house and budget leaders that wanted to replace the federal spending cuts known as sequester with smarter cuts and revenue. >> when will they learn to say yes? >> reporter: john boehner argued senate democrats were to blame for this year's inaction because they wouldn't consider the bills. >> this year is going down as the least productive in congressional history. what can you and others do to change that? >> look at the number of bills passed by the senate you can see where the problem is. >> reporter: >> reporter: >> reporter: report the senate is in the midst of a two week recess despite all these deadlines. one bright spot i suppose norah and charlie,
plaza things are backed up and then again as you move through foster city coming from the high rise expect slow traffic trying to join up from 101 coming from highway 92. but check the weather. here is area code. >>erica: starting out with a live look. here's conditions. we get to a thick fog. it's going to get really cold over the next couple of days. widespread freezing temperatures are heading this way. that's due to a mixing of rain and snow coming from the pacific northwest this week. as for highs for today, today is going to be the last day of a mile to warm conditions. oakland high of three of the '50s and daly city today. your 7 day around the bay forecast really shows that the cool down began on wednesday. we're talking temperatures in the mid to upper 20s inland. cambridge warning goes into effect. 50s along the bay shore street expects clear and cold mornings for the next three to four days blasting into the weekend for it although it's going to be clear. it's going to be downright chilly here and the bay area. today, federal investigators began a today hearing on the cra
into oklahoma city, into idaho. look at these temperatures from 9 in denver today to 80 in dallas love field. the cold air is sinking out of canada and will go to the gulf coast and stop. the problem is the gulf coast says wait a minute, it's still fall, i want to be warm and sends up moisture, tries to send up humidity over the top of the cold air. so we'll get an ice storm through the central part of the plains where it's going to be 30 and raining. why not snow? it will be 50 degrees aloft or 50 degrees up in the sky. it's going to rain but it's going to rain where it's 30, 31, 2, a little snow in oklahoma city. i don't believe this is a snow maker. this is an ice machine for memphis, little rock, evansville, some snow, but the big story is this ice sticking to everything, trees, power lines, millions of people will be without power before this thing finally stops. now when it gets to new york and into the east coast it runs out of moisture. so that's some good news. we won't put down power lines but the central part of the country is in for it for the next few days. this will get ugly an
, the salvation army patroled the city where temperatures dropped 13 below zero. it's so cold road crews are using solid and liquid de-icers to try to keep roads safe but it's a tough fight. >> loses effectiveness at 15 degrees. it has the potential to refreeze. >> a storm system dumped more than 2 feet of snow in the duluth area. at least five people have died in weather-related accidents in minnesota since monday. >>> happening today bart directors will learn the findings of an audit of the transit agency's police department. we get the story now from kpix 5 reporter anne makovec. she is at the fruitvale bart station. i understand the audit was ordered after the shooting death of oscar grant. >> reporter: yeah. it was almost four years ago. and these reforms were recommended three years ago. today we'll find out if this inches tense look at department operations has -- if this intense look at department operations has been doing any good. >> this is a good time for a reality check. >> reporter: that was the bart chief when the assessment began in june. reality check is today. some of the events
happened to the city of brotherly love? you won't believe what the two women accused of starting the whole thing were fighting over. >>> plus, what may be a kidnapping caught on tape. now the search is on for the woman seen in this surveillance video being dragged away by an unidentified man. it's all "happening now." ♪ ♪ç jon: good morning to you on this thursday, i'm jon scott. jenna: hi, everybody, great to have you today, i'm jenna lee, more on those stories in just a moment but first, more trouble for obamacare. jon: according to a new harvard university poll, less than one-third of uninsured young people are actually planning to sign up for insurance on the health care exchange. and young people are key to the law's success because they're the ones needed to offset the cost of insuring older, less healthy people.ç without them policy experts say obamacare and its numbers simply will not work. jonah goldberg is a fox news contributor and editor at large of "the national review" online. lynn sweet is washington bureau chief for the "chicago sun-times". i want to start with a lo
accumulations for oklahoma city, springfield, and places to the northeast, say ohio valley. these are all of the watches and warnings, winter weather advisories across the south. places in texas, also through arkansas, little rock, you're included in that. tomorrow ice and snow will continue. guys, as we get into early part of the weekend, that's when all of this is expected to move out. >> i've got to ask, why is this happening? what is this all about? what's behind this? do we know. >> a strong front you get this time of the year. we're getting ice and snow far to south and it is weird for places as far south as dallas, they normally don't get huge ice storms this time of year. they can get some ice but as far south in texas, it is uncommon. but these strong cold fronts can produce ice and snow that we're seeing in the south. >> don't let it get down here. did i say i hate ice? it's the worst. >> it's freaky. atlanta doesn't do well with ice. >> when driving on ice, you're a passenger in your own car. jennifer grey, appreciate that. >> coming up, they are standing as one across hundred
still in the fall. 80 in dallas today, 8 in denver. and that cold air is coming down into oklahoma city, look at these temperatures. from 9 in denver the high today to 80 in dallas love field. so this cold air is sinking out of canada, it's going to make its way all the way to the gulf coast. and basically stop. the problem is, the gulf coast says wait a minute it's still fall. i still want to be warm and tries to send up moisture, tries to send up humidity over the top of this cold air. so we're going to get an ice storm right through the central part of the plains where it's going to be 30 degrees and raining. how can it do that? why won't it be 30 and snow? because it's going to be 50 degrees aloft or even 40 degrees up up in the sky 5,000 feet so it's going to rain but where it's 30, 31, 32 degrees. a little bit of snow in oklahoma city. this isn't i don't believe a snowmaker. this is an ice machine for memphis, little rock, jonesboro, evansville. the ice will stick to everything. trees, power lines. millions of people will be without power before this thing finally stops. when it g
of holiday. >>> tonight the city of richmond is considering expanding its cigarette ban to include electronic cigarettes. some say they're a safer alternative but derek valcourt tells us, it's becoming a habit. >> reporter: some say this makes it safer. >> nicotine however it's delivered is a very dangerous drug and we need to step up to the plate. >> we're trying very hard to being a healthy city. part of being a healthy city is sending the message that it's not okay. >> reporter: the cdc says last year nearly 2 million middle and high school students nationwide had tried e cigarettes. double the number in 2011. e-cigarettes contain in this -- contain nicotine which is no difference. >> the basic idea is regardless of how you get the nicotine drug, that there should be restrictions on. >> reporter: advocates say e- cigarettes are a safer alternative because it gives you the nicotine without burning tobacco. the fda has yet to determine how much nicotine or other potential harmful chemicals are being inhaled and whether e- cigarettes are okay. >> i would not be surprised to find out of gettin
charities which are helping the people, but food and water are limited in the city. there are almost half a million people around the country who have lost their homes. >> the french sent a fighter plane that flew low over the city in a way to intimidate the seleka and anti-balaka fighters. the big question is when will these people be able to go home, will they want to go home. more than 100 people have been killed in the past few days. the situation outside bangui is also unstable. >> in a 2-day summit on africa wrapped up in paris. the french president is calling for elections by 2015 to remove rebels who took control earlier this year. much of the u.s. is in the grip of a freezing. four homeless people froze to death. in california the ploughs can hardly keep up with the snow. the cold snap made driving dangerous, including the midwest. by inch. 4 numbers of in blooming tonne in indiana. snow and ice in the mid-atlantic. washington d.c. will be under a 24 hour storm watch. it is cold out there, and it looks like it will get colder. >> it's weather fit for polar bears and penn gins. th
is for the city council to vote on the agreement, and that will take place next week. >>> under pressure after weeks of protests and vigils over the shooting death of a 13-year-old boy in santa rosa by a sheriffs deputy. county supervisors are taking action. the board is voting today to create a community and law enforcement task force. but not everyone who knew andy lopez is satisfied with that. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez is live in santa rosa. the pressure on the d.a., the police and the county continues, jodi. >> reporter: jessica, protesters are putting pressure on the district attorney tonight. demonstrators have gathered outside the veterans memorial building. some are outside in the front, others are around the side. inside the building, a fund-raising event is taking place. now, demonstrators say they are not about to back down until they get justice for andy. protesters have gathered outside a fundraiser for sonoma county district attorney, joe rabich calling her to throw the book at erik gelhaus who shot ante lopez after mistaking the replica gun the boy was carrying for a real o
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will light the tallest tree in the city. the event benefits the u-c- s-f medical center and the benioff children's hospital. it is free and open to the public! to those who've worried... suffered in silence... hoped... and lived in a state of fear... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at welcome back to the kron4 morning news. weather and traffic time for it was our with weather. erica has details of the very cold weather coming this way. >>erica: as we take a live look outside for our mount tam cam beautiful start to this monday morning. we do have some low clouds above the coast line. but temperatures nowhere near as what we will see by wednesday morning take a look. napa 37 out the door. 45 degrees in redwood city. here's why it's going to get so cold. we have a lot of cool air filtering out of the bay area. satellite and radar shows this cold from bring in some light rain to the paci
. we're talking about the low 20s in some cities. we want to make sure everybody is ready for this, and then we don't get out of the woods when it comes to weather that's going to impact your life. we've got a very poet ebt storm system headed our way, and this one could drop snow at the 500 foot level. that's what we're watching for next. this morning and tonight it is still cold. these are yurnt temperatures. livermore at 48 degrees. the same for mountain view. let's get right into it this morning. another round of damaging frost. if you don't bring in sensitive plants, they will likely be damaged by the very, very cold temperature. 25 to 32 degrees for most of the bay area. let me give you a taste of some of the coldest spots across the bay area, laura. look at these numbers. we're talking about the low 20s tonight. up in the north bay that also goes for places like livermore. you'll be about 27 degrees tonight. 26 for concorde. 22 in napa, and 24 degrees in santa rose wra. we get a reinforcing blast of cold air and some heavy rain on the way. we could see some of that in the fo
-two punch. >>> fast food workers taking to the picket line today. walkouts are expected in 100 cities across the nation. why? workers are demanding higher wages and more freedom to form unions. wednesday they got a big boost from president obama who said now is the time to raise the federal minimum wage. alison kosik is with striking workers in brooklyn. what's the situation, alison? >> reporter: this movement has gained moment since the first protest in new york city. a couple hundred showed up and walk off the job. today, thousands are expected to walk off the job demanding higher wages. it's a growing movement. workers banding together, fighting to raise minimum wage. today is billed to be one of the largest strikes in a series of walkouts with protests planned in nearly 100 cities across the country. this summer, thousands of fast food workers gathered in nearly 60 cities coast to coast. in new york and chicago, fired up protesters swarmed mcdonald's restaurants, trying to persuade their fellow workers to join them. >> living on 7.25, you cannot do it. >> reporter: many fast food workers
in fremont. the coldest part of any city it seems is the top of a bart platform. here at 5:01 a.m. it is 37 degrees. that's an improvement. it was 35 degrees a couple of minutes ago. we have footage of people getting ready for the cold weather. we have been beating this drum all week long warning people the cold weather is coming. here it is. guess what. because christmas is just, what, 22 days away here, people love it. >> i'm ready to take this off. >> i'm bundling up and getting close to my hubby here to keep my warm. >> reporter: so back here live at the fremont bart station, there is plenty of frost on the vehicles out here. we will be staying out here bundles up all morning long. so live in fremont, kiet do, kpix 5. >>> and going to need the seat warmers in your car today. if you are heading out on highway 4, so far, so good. in fact, now that we're past 5:00 a lot of the overnight roadwork has been picked up so you're just kind of cruising along out of antioch coming off the antioch bridge towards pittsburg-bay point into concord. eastbound roadwork should have been picked up as well
been at it for hours. >> you heard that as the day rolls out fast food employees in 100 cities will walk off the job of the workers in manhattan began the protest at 6:30. events are planned at lunch at some mcdonald's in san jose, oakland, and antioch. workers are asking for more money, a minimum wage of $15. that wage now is $7.25. that is $15,000 for a full time employees which is not enough. >> until we lit -- lift the workers up there is not a true recovery from the greatest recession since the depression. >> if the minimum wage goes up to $15 an hour food prices will go up and there will be fewer jobs. last month, rebound said he would back a senate measure to raise the minimum wage not to $15 but to $10.10 an hour. san francisco and san jose already pay $10 or more an hour on average. on average they make $9 an hour. >> governor brown hold as strong advantage over potential g.o.p. challengers headed into the election. the poll shows brown leads g.o.p. with 52 percent of support from california voters. the next closest candidate is former lt. governor with 11 percent. the
in the train yesterday. >>> other headlines around the bay now. the suspect accused of killing a daly city man over a playstation being held now on five million dollars bail this morning. 21-year-old ronnie collins now charges with a count of murder, two counts of attempted robbery. prosecutors believe he shot 22- year-old ikenna uwakah. >>> a thief rummaging through a home on fremont was caught in camera. he broke into the house on eggers drive on saturday and stole $2,000 worth of stuff. two home security cameras caught him in the act. police hope someone will recognize him. >>> new details in the rob ford saga. police are releasing wiretap files showing how the toronto, canada, mayor partied and took drugs with gang members. there's even video that officers recovered and the toronto star reports gang members also claim there are pictures of ford on the pipe and doing lots of other drugs, as well. they were using the material to blackmail ford. toronto city leaders say the new information is just one more reason why ford should leave office. >> you think you can't be shocked anymore. you kno
site schools. >> oning girl's quincenera dream got a boost today the 14-year-old from daily city is battling salivary cancer the cancer is life threatening. she's been busy going to treatments and couldn't plan for the birdie. she got a dress and shoes, too. >> it's a very warm feeling that people there are there to make other people feel better. >> the campaign raised $6.5 million to grant wishes to children. >> i will be hosting an event tomorrow called braft bay. and the mini caped crusader bat kid will be there. miles scott a 5-year-old cancer survivor. tomorrow miles will reunite with the police chief for that fund-raiser so other kids will see their wishes come true. >> that is great >> nice to have bat kid back, too. an injured bird released back into the wild today the bird is a california gull, found emaciated in august. and the center from silicon valley discovered it had a federal identification band on its leg. and was bagged in mountain view 28 years ago. >> remarkable. >> so spencer is here to tell us more about the rain. >> yes. yes. >> so i can tell you about snow
continue overnight here. a nightmare early morning train derailment here in new york city. >> it was like a movie scene basically. >> reporter: seven passenger train cars careening off their tracks, two toppling on their sides, killing four people. hurting more than 60 others. throwing some of the more than 100 on board from their seats. >> the next thing i know two people across the train come flying at me and fell on top of me. >> reporter: just before 6:00 sunday morning, the metro north express train left poughkeepsie, new york, from manhattan's grand central terminal. it was rounding a corner in the bronx, and at 7:20 a.m. it derailed. investigators looking into unconfirmed reports the train may have been speeding and other unverified claims the conductor tried to hit the brakes, but they failed. >> our mission is to understand not just what happened but why it happened with the intent of preventing it from happening again. >> reporter: the trains remaining here along the banks of the river until the ntsb has finished inspecting each car. where two men and two women lost their lives.
. a state senator was on stage with mandela. show was mayor of berkeley one of few cities in the world that sanctioned south africa. >> that was a moment of shear joy for the entire community. i think the coliseum was full every seat, standing room only celebrating this extraordinary human spirit. >> in 1985, 10,000 students at u.k. berkeley boycotted classes. and the follow year california was the largest government in the united states to require divestments of investments related to south africa. >> people are sharing memories on our facebook page. you can eastbound -- leave your thoughts, too. >> san jose state is addressing what called a hate crime against a black student. the university has appoint add retired superior court judge to led the investigation of what happened. we the judge will recommend ways to ensure that san jose state is a welcoming community. protesters have demand action from the leaders after claims that white students tore -- tormented their black roommate. athree richmond teens are accused of raping two girls after getting them drunk they passed out. the ass
disappeared sunday in idaho on flight between baker city other again and butte, montana a but friends relatives here in the bay area are holding out hope that they will be found alive. here's vick lee. >> he goes down to mexico with doctors across borders those type organizations so he does a lot of voluntary support. >>reporter: he said his business partner dale smith was not only charitable and generous. but also a good pilot. it. >> he has been flying for some 8 years. >> hopefully laid down somewhere and doesn't have any cell phone contact in the middle of nowhere. >>reporter: maybe the plane made a soft landing and everyone was all right. earlier today a ray of hope emerged. rescue plane detected something. >> search rescuers were able to pick up a very weak elt transmitter broadcast from the downed aircraft. this has helped them to narrow the area for which they are searching however darkness is approachin approaching. >>reporter: searches unable to find the plane. smith piloted his beach bonanza 6 seater which lost rid arrest and cell tower contact sunday in central id
workers across the country will walk off their jobs this morning as part of a 100 city protest. workers are seeing $15 an hour and a right to form a union. in washington president obama is making income in equality one of the pieces of his second term agenda. >> the idea that a child may never escape that poverty because she lumberjacks a decent education or a health care or a community that views her future as their own it should offend all of us. the combined trends of declining mobility it poses a threat to our way of life. what drives me as a zbroond, a son, a father, as an american is to make sure that every striving hard-working optimistic kid in america has the same incredible chance that this country gave me. >> the current minimum wage is $7.25, adjusted for inflation. that's more than $3 less than the minimum wage was back in 1968. president obama said he'll support a senate bill to increase the minimum wage to $10.10 but not going to be easy. >> what would the prospects of that be not only in the senate but the house? >> they are not good. it would be easier to do that than t
will be in the upper 50s for daly city. low clouds will increase and looked as satellite and radar shows a few sprinkles as we head into tonight. we will continue with this chance of 20% chance of light scattered rain which enough for tomorrow. past that we will gear for cold mornings around the bay. the temperatures will drop down to the mid-20s for certain spots as we wrap up work week. you will definitely need to bundle up and wear extra players. >> we are not tracking any hot spots it is a great ride perhaps a few people still have today off. the bay bridge toll plaza is moving welcome all the approaches. san mateo bridge is problem free and the drive time is about 12 minutes. looking at the shot of the golden gate bridge we have no problems and there is a lot of space between cars. >> the east bay teenager who was lit on fire sleeping on a bus is expected to go back to school this morning. 18 year-old sasha fleischman came home from a hospital last week after recovering from second and third degree burns. it's 16 or more is expecsuspected of lighting him on fire. >> authorities say speed
warmup. want to take you up to rockefeller center. take a look at the studios up there in new york city where they are lighting the tree tonight. the station flying me up there in the station helicopter. that is going to be awesome. you dn't know that, did you? yeah, the new komt that i bought with the megamillions winning. that's not happening. but they will be doing that tonight. 55 degrees right now. the winds are calm. plenty of cloud cover across the region. that's been the case for today. 61 in culpeper. 59 in fredricksburg. so we told you today would be mild. tomorrow, a lot warmer. take a look at the numbers here. 75 in little rock, arkansas. they have a winter storm warning in effect and potential for ice. that will be coming our way. the cold air back to the west. that cold air will make its way our way, too. not any time soon. steam tomorrow 4 radar showing things are all clear. not expecting much in the way of rain for 24 hours or so. can't rule out a few showers during the day tomorrow, but most it it will be dry. not just mild, but warm. we'll see plenty of cloud cover and
reporters. the truck that was stolen has been recovered. it has been found near a town north of mexico city. the container which had the cobalt 60 inside, the radioactive material, was not on the truck. however, the container was found about a half mile away. and a key point here, the container, according to mexican officials, did have cobalt 60 inside it. they recovered at least some of it. what they don't know is whether they recovered all of it. i think they're working on that to see if they have recovered all of the cobalt 60 inside that container. we're told by this gentleman of the national committee for nuclear security that radiation has been detected in the area. i'm not sure how high the intensity is but they are sending special teams in to examine the area. of course, test it out and maybe we'll get more information about the people who stole this as well. >> cobalt 60, this was used for cancer treatment in other medical procedures. very radioactive. potentially very dangerous. how serious potentially is this? >> this was potentially very serious. and remember, this truck was sto
order may not arrive so fast this morning. restaurant workers in 100 major u.s. cities are threatening to walk off the job demanding higher wages and demanding the right to unionize. 53 lawmakers have written letters to mcdonald's, devices. >> developing now secretary of state john kerry is in jerusalem with talks with benefitingin netanyahu. they are discussing the recent nuclear deal struck with iran. kerry then heads to ramallah with a meeting with mahmoud abbas. the secretary is trying to get to those peace talks kick-started between the israelis and the palestinians. we have a live report for you from jerusalem that is in our next half hour. >>> vice president biden trying to ease tensions between japan and incline. he is in beijing. biden telling chinese leader that america will not recognize the zone. both japan and china claim to have sovereignty over the disputed region. >>> the head of the operations says preparations are on track to start moving the deadly chemical agents but right now, a lack of security on the main road connecting damascus is causing a lot of concerns for
and northern plains. with advisories and warnings have been issued for many of these areas. in the city of denver, 29 degree below zero. this storm system will be with us the next several days. cold air has settled in and i want to show you the actual high temperature. the actual high today will be 3 below zero and it will get colder by friday. that cold air is going to be expanding with highs only in the 20s across the city of dallas, little rock and louisville, kentucky, and temperatures will be dropping across parts of the northeast. the cold air will be producing a dangerous situation across sections of texas up into indiana, western kentucky. the cold air at the surface is going to be in place and we'll have warmer air overrunning that and that will be producing freezing rain. we have a little bit of that showing up across parts of oklahoma early this morning. we could be seeing over a half inch of ice accumulation possible out here. please be safe on the roadways. we could be looking at power outages and trees could come down. this is something to watch the next several disaster a
? >>> striking back. why thousands of workers in more than 100 cities from coast to coast are walking off the job today. >>> and -- three, two, one -- all dressed up and ready to go. the rockefeller christmas tree puts on its holiday finest today, thursday, december 5th, 2013. >> from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a from rockefeller plaza. >> and good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a thursday morning. >> i'm matt lauer. natalie is on assignment. that one back there. that norway spruce, we lit her last night. one of the prettiest trees we had in a long time. >> this is the most beautiful. >> so much fun at the tree lighting. we were up early and all slept under the tree. it was great. natalie is a cover hogger. >> the rain didn't come until overnight. >> it was spectacular. i'm telling you everything aligned perfectly. >> so fun watching it from home. you guys were amazing. it was so festive. perfect. >>> while we had good weather here, we're really still talking about weather as our top story today. new concern from that potent and powe
dream got a boost today the 14-year-old from daily city is battling salivary cancer the cancer is life threatening. she's been busy going to treatments and couldn't plan for the birdie. she got a dress and shoes, too. >> it's a very warm feeling that people there are there to make other people feel better. >> the campaign raised $6.5 million to grant wishes to children. >> i will be hosting an event tomorrow called braft bay. and the mini caped crusader bat kid will be there. miles scott a 5-year-old cancer survivor. tomorrow miles will reunite with the police chief for that fund-raiser so other kids will see their wishes come true. >> that is great >> nice to have bat kid back, too. an injured bird released back into the wild today the bird is a california gull, found emaciated in august. and the center from silicon valley discovered it had a federal identification band on its leg. and was bagged in mountain view 28 years ago. >> remarkable. >> so spencer is here to tell us more about the rain. >> yes. yes. >> so i can tell you about snow first. taking a look at live doppler seven hd.
for the cause of a deadly commuter train derailment in new york city. four people died and dozens were hurt when the train flew off of its tracks while rounding a curve. we have more details in just a moment. >>> black ice blamed for nearly 70 vehicles skidding out of control and crashing in to each other in massachusetts. the chain-reaction pileup left dozens of people injured. >>> phase two of the holiday shopping push kicks off with cybermonday. they predict americans will spend $2 billion on-line. by tonight, americans will have spent an estimated $57 billion this weekend. >>> as cybermonday begins we learn that amazon is looking in to deliveries but drone but the retail drone strikes are two to three years away. those are some of our top stories on this monday. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now" with john muller and diana perez. >> i don't know. package deliveries by drone. >> you are all about cybermonday. you are going to do all of your christmas shopping today. >> i'm all about not leaving my sweat pants and tv room. >> like most men, although there were a lot of guys
in new york city and washington that it is in pleasanton and livermore. santa rosa is waking up to upper 20s pripet we are below freezing in concord. we have light northwesterly winds. as we head into afternoon you can expect plenty of sunshine. the highs of range from the upper 40's to low 50's. the temperatures will drop back into the 30's by 8:00 p.m. tonight. we have very frigid conditions. i will talk about the freeze on morning coming up. >> the cars are a frozen at the bay bridge and they are not moving. we have the metering lights and they are not cycling quickly. once you are on the span of things will be slow. out of san francisco they have no problems. if you're coming out of broke berkeley. you do nt get a great deal of relief it is still going to be sluggish. the eastbound ride is looking good. the golden gate bridge is in great shape both north and south bound. bart is on time. >> a developing story on the and its two largest unions. members of the a-t-u and the s-e-i-u have filed a lawsuit against the transit agency. they claim the board of directors broke state law when t
>>> good morning, america. breaking new details on the fatal train crash in new york city. cranes righting the cars overnight. black box recovered. dozens of holiday shoppers injured and trapped. the focus on speed and the brakes right now. >>> new overnight. health scare at 30,000 feet. a packed plane. passengers exposed to a potentially deadly disease mid flight over texas. masks given out. the plane swarmed by paramedics. telling everyone to get checked for tuberculosis. >>> investigators reveal that speed was a factor in the death of "fast & furious" star paul walker. the rare porsche so difficult to handle, even professional drivers called it scary hollywood stars mourning at the scene. ♪ oh my god >>> and hello, future. amazon unveils its jaw-dropping way to deliver packages to the front door. with a drone. >>> but on this cyber monday morning, the big savings start right here with our biggest "deals & steals" ever on "gma". >>> we do say good morning, america. we hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend. and your eyes were not deceiving you. that's right. amazon sayi
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